"Art is Freedom" - a collage of illustrated portraits; Voodoo Girl, Marlon Brando and Lou Reed by Wildhart Studio
Illustration  - Typography - Stencil Art
Artists - William (Dean) Hart & Kat Queenan Hart
"To make living itself an art, that is the goal"
"Voodoo Child" Never Hide Your Magic
Art Piece - Never Hide Your Magic / Magic Woman / Priestess / Love Goddess / Soul Sister

Illustrated art "Voodoo Child" mounted on board and framed using recycled timber and found objects.

Within every woman is the innate beauty and power of the universe
"Spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust"​​​​​​​
Work in progress
"Bukowski" - Illustration
Charles Bukowski Vector Illustration WIP.

"I'm not at all sure where this is heading, I just keep working on it" Dean

"Some people never go crazy"
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Dissident Poster Set

Days of the Dead and Citizen Z

"In order to exist man must rebel"
"Bomber Girls" Pin-up Poster Set
Art prints / Bomber Girl Pin-up Posters

Big Bada Boom, Hell Bent Hot Rod Baby, Into The Wild Blue Yonder

"Don't compromise yourself, you're all you've got"
Free Downloads
Inspirational Posters we were inspired to share.
"Independent" Typography Poster Design by Dean
"Independent" Typography Poster Design by Dean
"Peace" Typography Poster Design by Dean
"Peace" Typography Poster Design by Dean
Free Poster Designs - 30cm x 30cm Hi-res PDF
From time to time we will put up Designs you can Download for printing; Poster Art, Sticker Designs, Stencil Templates, Colouring Art, etc.
"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world"
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Quote credits; 1/ Henry Miller, 2/ Rumi, 3/ Charles Bukowski, 4/ Albert Camus 5/ Janis Joplin, 6/ Brene Brown
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